Automatic loading to Flow Pack

Compact robot cells for product loading applications which are specially designed for integration with horizontal wrapping machines. The robot gripping tools are specifically designed for each application. The speed capacity of each cell varies according to the product dimension, characteristics and flow, as well as specific requirements of the system.

The work range of the robot can be adapted to the cell configuration. Each cell has its own control, however this can be included within the flowpack control platform. It is also possible to integrate through the robot cell all other parts of the line depending on the functionality required.


Group of loading robot cells

Composed of ULMA D12H robots with vision systems to detect the products which are transported in a random way through a transport system.

The picking and placing is made dynamically in tracking, from the transport system to the wrapping machine infeed conveyor.

Product feeding system

Product transport system in a random way. The speed of this system is controlled by the loading cell.


Wrapped product transport system

The products might be transported in single file and pre-orientated. In which case we can group the products in a multiple format before manipulation.

Loading robot cell

Includes one or more ULMA D12H robots with product detection system to pick a group of products for manipulation into cartons or for further wrapping. The picking and placing can be done by tracking the singles or multiple groups.

Grouping chain system

One or two independent motor systems, creates groups of products in a continuous way to allow the robot to pick groups of products in each robot cycle.

The products might be transported orientated and controlled to create groups in line or at 90ยบ to the direction of travel. This process can be carried out at high speed allowing for high volume throughputs.