This system is used when product versatility is required and the required production of each product is not high speed. The buffer systems optimizes the palletizing equipment, working with robots or mechanical palletizers.

The criteria for selection for selecting an optimum palletizing system depend on the needs of the project in each customer. Two palletizing systems are proposed: palletizing with robot or mechanical palletizing.



Mechanical palletizing


This machine is particularly suitable for heavy load and high speed applications with one or two different types of cases or crates. The unit is capable of speeds up to, up to 200 cycles/h. The application focuses on different types crates. The units can be constructed in Stainless steel or in galvanized construction ensuring long life quality of materials.

It’s easy to change the palletizing format, with flexibility to create different mosaics.

The crate accumulation before positioning on the pallet is made with some lateral pushers and roller transport. The gripping tool creates a lateral controlled pressure to avoid any damage of the crate and of the product inside the crate. Different type, dimensions or material crates, detachable base or carton made could be palletized. The specific gripping tool proposal can create different types of pallet formats as required by the customer. Empty gaps between crates for aeration can also be created using this type of machine.

Robotic palletizing


The robotic palletizing system is designed to collect crates from different packaging lines simultaneously.

It’s a very flexible system allowing the creation of pallets with different products, crates and mosaics from different production lines, simultaneously.

The gripping tool is designed specifically for each application. The products are picked from an accumulation system to complete the cycle and position onto the pallet.